Sometimes Illustrations
Cut to the Chase

Digital Illustration


Inspired by the hand-drawn logo trend, I thought a hand-drawn crow would be a good fit for a bar named Murder.

I created a blueline sketch which I then scanned and drew completely in Paper by Fifty-Three on an iPad Pro.

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Digital Illustration

Blank-Fest X Concert Poster

Blank-Fest is an annual holiday concert and charitable event that collects blankets to distribute to the homeless on Christmas Eve. The concert event has attracted performers from all over the US and satellite events have taken place in New Jersey, Texas, Canada, and the UK, to name a few.

As the event originated in New York, I drew the Statue of Liberty in Illustrator as a homeless person where her crown is a winter hat as she's huddled, wrapped in a blanket.

Character Design

Cartoon Embee

While doodling one day, I made a little pencil sketch of myself as a cartoon character. I liked what I saw, so I brought it into Illustrator to redraw and finish.

Comic Strip


Linccup requested three comic strips to promote a free mobile app that helps professionals locate and arrange to meet with people in the area with similar interests—both business and social. The image shown is the second of the limited series.

Character Art

Hamlet the Flying Pig

Hamlet is a conceptual character design for a proposed series of children's books written to encourage differently-abled children.

Character Design

Holy Carp

I enjoy drawing cartoon characters and Holy Carp was no exception. Inspired by the "Buddy Christ" of the movie Dogma, Holy Carp began as a rough sketch and was finished in Illustrator.

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